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Impress Your Friends With This Quick And Easy Recipe…

2014-06-11 19.58.21

Seared scallops with leeks & lemon chilli butter. 4 young, but not baby leeks leeks, trimmed 12 scallops, roes on or off 1 tbsp light olive oil lemon wedges, to serve For the butter 250g pack butter, softened 1 red

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2014-06-19 13.45.44

I took a big delivery of Teapigs Matcha Super Power Green Tea Drink yesterday>>>> Its available to buy INDIVIDUALLY (£2) or in PACKS OF 12 (£22). You can get it here … Or you can buy it at any boot

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Omega 3 Hit… Trout with Spelt Salad

2014-06-10 20.09.32

Trout with Spelt Salad. 1 trout fillet Handfull rocket leaves 1/4 Cucumber chopped 1/2 red pepper chopped 1/2 yellow pepper chopped Handfull pea pods sliced length ways 1 spring onion finely chopped 100g Spelt Olive oil To make the salad

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Tomato n Chilli Soup.

2014-06-10 12.09.30

Tomato n Chilli Soup. Serves 4. 12 large vine tomatoes 2 red onions 2 red chillis Fresh basil roughly chopped Extra virgin olive oil Half the tomatoes. Cut onion into segments. Chop the chilli and remove the seeds. Place all

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Get Back On The Wagon…


Are you thinking about ‘Getting Back On The Wagon’ after the weekend? Get a head start by coming to Circuit Training on Sunday morning (10am Seaham Leisure Centre). By exercising at a high intensity for 45 minutes you will boost

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If you want to take part in the Newcastle Stampede this year with our boot camp group you need to sign up before its too late! 1. To sign up click the link above ^^^ 2. Click ‘Sign Up

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You NEED this to lose weight…

lean greens

If you are trying to lose weight you need to get AT LEAST 5 portions of VEG into your diet per day. If you struggle to get that intake, this is a great way to get them! Its not a

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