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The shocking realisation of the effects of WHEAT and GLUTEN and how I ended up with a puffy face.


I am writing this post to tell you about a personal experience of mine that I recently had that made me feel like sh*t. And it was all down to wheat and gluten! Two weeks ago I went away for

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How SLEEP can affect WEIGHT LOSS and how listening to the radio changed my sleeping patterns.


Just a quick post today about something that often gets over looked when on a weight loss journey… SLEEP! I always considered myself to be quite a good sleeper. Id normally get that recommended eight hours sleep per night. But,

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Fill up on blueberries!


Every year millions of people vow to make this New Year the one where they finally start eating healthy or finally lose weight. However, by February the vast majority of these people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions

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Drink More Green Tea This New Year

green tea

Now that Christmas and the related festive indulgences are over, it’s time to kick start the New Year and start working towards your New Year’s resolutions. However, deciding that you want to lose weight or eat healthy this year is

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The Role Your Mind Plays in Weight Loss


When you first decide to lose weight and get in better shape, you can compare yourself to a person who decides to give up smoking – especially if you have been overweight for a number of years and have struggled

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seaburn boot camp

After the huge weight loss success at Seaham Boot Bamp I am pleased to announce that there will be a new Boot Camp venue for 2013…   SEABURN Seaburn boot camp will start on January 14th and will run every Monday and

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New G-Low Fitness Academy Kit – ORDER NOW before its too late


The new G-Low Fitness Academy kit has arrived and looks amazing! Since everyone has seen the new kit there has been some great feed back – ‘They looked amazing last night. REALLY professional’. A lot of people have expressed interest

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Official Teapigs Stockist – G-Low Fitness Academy


I am happy to announce that G-Low Fitness Academy is an official stockist of teapigs. My aim is to supply a healthy alternative to tea and coffee while you are sticking to the ‘Guaranteed Body Fat Reduction Plan’ and I find

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Christmas Boot Camp Session

Santa Exercising

To help us all get into the swing of things this Christmas I’m going to do a Christmas themed boot camp session on Tuesday 4th December. I have got a load of SANTA HATS and REINDEER ANTLERS to wear and

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I have got over 100 glow in the dark bracelets for this Bonfire Night special session (ok, its on the 6th so its 1 night late haha). Its going to be another FREE family and friends session, so please invite

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