Cardio Workout – 01/03/12

I would like all boot campers to try and complete this cardio session before next Tuesday. Remember, an extra workout per week will help burn more body fat and speed up your metabolism. It will definitely help you achieve way better results!


Interval Training:

30 seconds Walk
30 seconds Run (70-80% of your sprint speed)
10 Lunges

Repeat this pattern for 30 minutes.


During the 30 seconds run you should push yourself so that you are out of breath. Your 0body will start to build up lactic acid because of a lack of oxygen to the muscles. But during your 30 seconds rest period your heart and lungs will work together to break this lactic acid down. The Lunges will help tone your thighs and glutes as well as burning extra calories!

It’s thought that by performing high intensity intervals that produce lactic acid, the body adapts and burns lactic acid more efficiently during exercise. This means you can exercise at a higher intensity for a longer period of time before fatigue or pain slows them down.

So, in simple terms you will increase your endurance and stamina by doing this interval training workout. Then when it comes to boot camp you will be able to last longer and push yourself harder, which will allow you to burn more calories and lose more inches!


Enjoy your workout!

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