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7 ways to avoid the Xmas Bulge!


December has arrived and suddenly everywhere we turn there are temptations urging us to give up on our healthy diet that we have worked so hard towards all year! Work colleagues/customers bring in the tins ofQuality Streetor Celebrations into the

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e-cover DOMS

  Are you feeling muscle pain, soreness or stiffness after a workout? You know, the pain when you walk downstairs or go to sit on the toilet? Yes… Well, congratulations! You must have had an awesome workout! Some people worry

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Is sitting the new smoking???

Is sitting the new smoking?

I read this article in my REPS journal (issue 22) and thought I would share it with you. This study really hits home the importance of a good exercise routine! If you are not active enough I hope this article

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Are you working out with enough intensity?

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Intensity is key to a SUPER EFFECTIVE workout! But from my experience in conducting personal training and boot camp sessions I find that most people underestimate how much they can push their bodies. Our bodies are very resilient.  However, with

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Is hydration really important? Read these shocking FACTS and make your own mind up!


For me to emphasize the importance of water please consider the following facts: • Your speed on a bike decreases about 2% for each 1% of body weight lost through dehydration • By the time you feel thirsty, you can

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Why we all need to take Supplements….


So if you eat your fruit and veg, expose yourself to adequate sunlight, get plenty of sleep, and stay well hydrated, your body shouldn’t really need a supplemental source of vitamins and minerals, right? Wrong! Here are 5 powerful reasons

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FAT – Good vs Bad


 My goal wit heach of my articles  is to give you a basic and simple way of understanding nutrition – and it is not meant to be a university degree. I am not going into great detail and I am

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Are you getting enough fibre in your diet? Here are 5 reasons why FIBRE should be taken seriously!!


When it comes to fiber, there are lots of benefits, but the simple fact is that most people are probably not getting enough of it, although they probably think they are. When I speak to clients about their diet, most

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Do you understand Protein??? Here are a few questions cleared up…


What are proteins? Proteins are vital components of every organ and action within your body, without them we would simply not be able to function. All proteins are made up of different building blocks called amino acids, there are 20

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2 simple rules about carbohydrates!


Everybody knows that nutrition is important. Whether your goal is fat-burning or human performance, if the proper fuel isn’t there, your goal won’t be achieved. The following piece of information is the one single most important aspect of the human

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