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Come and work it off with a FREE weeks trial at boot camp… Includes a healthy diet plan and recipes to help you lose 7lbs in 7days! Monday 6am Seaham Youth Centre Tuesday 6:30pm Tonias Cafe Car Park Thursday 6:30pm

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What are you doing on Sunday morning?


Why not come along and give Circuit Training a go? Its a great way to burn off that Friday night takeaway! Or use it as a hang over cure  It doesnt start until 10am so you can still have a

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Are You Prepared For Summer??

2014-03-28 13.24.39

Summer is on its way so you need to start thinking about your training if you want to be in shape for your holiday. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to prepare! To celebrate the warmer weather we

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Did you know TEA and COFFEE are bad for weight loss?

2014-04-01 13.59.50

They increase the hormone cortisol which increases your cravings for sugary, salty & fatty foods that make you gain weight.   And… the sugars and creams you put in your coffee will cause your blood sugar levels to rapidly go

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Do you get your SEVEN a day???


If you have seen the news today you may have seen that scientists are now saying that 5 portions of fruit and veg per day may not be enough. They say 7-a-day is more beneficial. From speaking to my PT

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Beat the Bloat!


Beat the bloat with these gluten free pancakes… Its pancake day and everyone loves stuffing their face, right?? Me too  They are easy to make and they are so tasty! But , if you’re not careful you will feel stuffed

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My trip to the supermarket & why you should NEVER buy fat-free!

Fat Free Zone Green Road Sign In Front of Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

I ran out of coconut oil last week and popped into a local supermarket to pick some up. While I was there I got a little bit of inspiration for writing an article to educate you on ‘fat-free’ products and

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How I fell off the rails over Easter + the 5 simple steps to get back on track!


Everyone falls off the rails with their diet at some point, right? The important thing is to get back on track as soon as you can! Once you have had a slip up, if you don’t jump back into action

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Top 8 Weight Loss Supplements (and the ones I use)


My boot camp and personal training clients have inspired me to write this article today. I get lots of questions asking about supplements – which ones to take, when to take them, what brand to buy etc etc. The world

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I CHEATED to lose weight – YOU can too…


I CHEATED to lose weight – YOU can too… Ok don’t get too excited, that doesn’t mean I have found a quick and easy way lose weight. I haven’t had liposuction or been taking diet pills. I’ll never do that

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