To be successful, you need to know what you are trying to achieve, right?

I mean, how will you know that you’ve succeeded if you didn’t know what you were trying to do?

Yes, I’m talking about goal setting, but please don’t run away!

I’ve made it really simple for you.

Go to right now to download your free copy of the Goal Achievement Strategy that I use with all of my clients. Download it, print it out, read it, and complete it.

I used to use the SMART technique for setting my own goals, but always used to think there was something missing. I wanted something more in depth and motivating. So I went in search of a new method and that’s when I came across the Goal Achievement Strategy. The process takes a little longer that the SMART technique (20-30 mins) but it is well worth doing! It really does get you in the right frame of mind and sets you up mentally for your journey.

By completing the Goal Achievement Strategy process the likelihood of your success increases dramatically, so please don’t skip this crucial exercise!

You need to find yourself a quiet space away from interruptions and work through the Goal Achievement Strategy work book.

This will help you identify a clear goal, as well as identifying any blocks you may have, which in turn will help you to clear a path of least resistance towards your goal. It will also help you to see, in black and white, exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal. This is the price you have to pay, the sacrifices you have to make, so to speak. But trust me, this is a lot easier to stomach when you’ve been through this process and have a clearly defined goal.


Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown