Heres a new cardio workout for you all to complete before next Tuesdays session. It consists of body weight exercises so you can do this workout anywhere- at home, at work, in the park, on the beach….

Before you start make sure you do a good warm up to prepare you for the following exercises.

Perform each of the 10 exercises for 30 seconds without rest in between. Once you have completed all 10 exercises (5 minutes) rest for 1 minute. And repeat the circuit 5 times. Total time = 30 minutes.

1 – High Knees
2 – Star Jumps
3 – High Knees
4 РSquat Thrusts
5 – High Knees
6 – Burpees
7 – High Knees
8 – Squat Thrusts
9 – High Knees
10 РHill Climbs

Make sure to cool down and stretch all muscles after your workout then relax and enjoy the feel good factor after your workout!


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