How I fell off the rails over Easter + the 5 simple steps to get back on track!

Everyone falls off the rails with their diet at some point, right?

The important thing is to get back on track as soon as you can!

Once you have had a slip up, if you don’t jump back into action quickly you will become lazy and lose focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

Some people go off the rails for a day, some a few days, some weeks, and dare I say it some go off the rails and never get back on!

The LONGER you leave it, the bigger chance you have of NEVER achieving your weight loss goals!


I’m going to tell you how I fell off the rails over the Easter break and then I’ll tell you my 5 best ways to get you back on the road to success….


When the Easter holiday was approaching I told myself I would stay disciplined and eat clean. I was in the right frame of mind up until good Friday when I took some chocolate treats to boot camp for my boot campers to enjoy.

As part of the workout the boot campers had to collect eggs from a basket (some of them had chocolate in). If they chose an egg with chocolate inside they had to do 15 burpees to burn some of the calories off before they consumed them :-)

At the end of the workout there were a few chocolate bunnies left. I gave in and had 3 little chocolates, they were my favourite Lindt chocolates I couldn’t resist! That was enough to send me off the rails for the whole bank holiday weekend.

Saturday night we invited some friends to the house for a takeaway, I had a chicken kebab from Grill n Chill in Seaham. Sunday I had dinner at my parents house which included hot cross buns, chocolate eggs etc. On Monday my son Max had a stack full of chocolate built up on the kitchen table. Hes only 9 months old so I thought he would need a hand getting rid of them so I kindly polished his milky button egg off.

Anyway, you get the point, I totally pigged out!

And I bet a lot of people reading this did the same thing. After all, its Easter and I think most people let their hair down when a holiday comes around.

But like I always say, when you have a slip up it’s important that you get back on track asap! On Tuesday I done 5 things to get me back on my healthy eating plan. You can do them too.

Here are my 5 tips to getting back on track….


1. Get all the bad food out of the house to avoid temptation. If its lying around the kitchen at some point it will be eaten, even with all the will power in the world! So get rid of unhealthy foods. That doesn’t mean you need to throw everything in the bin. You could put things that will keep in a box and put it in your garden shed out of the way. Or somewhere where it’s not easy to get your hands on. Or, you could give things like chocolate eggs to friends or family. At least it’s not going to waste :-)


2. Get weighed – You may be scared to step on those scales because you know you will be disappointed in yourself.  But, flip it round, turn that disappointment into a fierce determination to get what you want!

It also gives you a fresh starting point. Imagine, in a weeks time when you are feeling better in yourself and know you have lost a little bit of weight, you want to know how much you have lost, right? If you don’t weigh yourself to start with you will never know how much progress you have made.


3. Prepare every meal for the first few days until you are back into the swing of things. Write down on a piece of paper every meal (even snacks) that you are going to have 3 days in advance. Write a shopping list and make sure you have all of the ingredients in the house. Do as much preparation for each meal now so that when it comes to meal times most of the work is already done. This will reduce the chances of picking up some fast food when you are in a rush.


4. Stock your cupboards with healthy snacks so you don’t go long periods of time without food. If you don’t snack in between meals there’s a good chance you will start to feel hungry. When hunger sets in, you get lots of cravings and you want to avoid that if you can. Stock up on things like unsalted nuts, fruit, berries etc.


5. Get out and put yourself through a tough workout. It will be hard at first and will take some determination to push yourself through it, but it will give you a good sense of achievement when you are done.

When you workout it releases endorphins (the feel good hormone) in your body and you will feel healthy, refreshed and full of life again!


So, if you are the same as me and went off the rails over Easter go and give these 5 steps a go.




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