Craving Naughty Foods? This may help…

One of my personal training clients made a list of things that help her avoid the kitchen when she is craving naughty foods. I thought you might be able to use some of these ideas to help you out next time you get a craving! 



1)   Arm yourself with a black bin liner, and head up to your wardrobe. Fill that bag with all your clothes that are now too big. Try some on as you go, and appreciate how much weight you’ve lost. Always keep one or two items from when you were at your heaviest, to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

2)   Take a photo of yourself and make a motivating Word document with it. Using a ‘fat’ photo on one side of the page, and the new photo next to it, you will clearly see your inch loss in all its glory! Keep the document on your desktop, and look at it to remind yourself how much better you are looking now.

3)   Scales not moving? Keep an inch loss results log as well as a weight loss record. That way you can see the results of your efforts when those scales are being stubborn.

4)   On the prowl for something to eat when you shouldn’t? Give yourself a mini mouth makeover! Brush your teeth really well for a good two minutes. Floss every single tooth, both sides. Brush your tongue. Brush your teeth again, then use Dentyl mouthwash so you can see what you have just removed. End with a slick of Vaseline over your lips!

5)   Spoil yourself by treating yourself to some bubble bath (something more expensive and indulgent than you would normally buy) and a few scented candles. Have a hot, relaxing bath, shave your legs, and use exfoliating gloves to make your body sparkle! Once out, pluck your eyebrows and apply body lotion.

6)   Can’t eat naughty things if your nails are wet! Spend the evening filing and shaping your nails using a proper manicure set. Treat your cuticles and apply hand cream. Paint your nails with three coats, base coat, colour and top coat, leaving them to dry in between.

7)   Eating too much fruit (and all its natural sugars) too quickly? Freeze it! A handful of frozen blueberries lasts a lot longer J

8)   Evening time a bit of a danger zone? Sit down with your address book, and ring a friend you haven’t seen for a while and have a good natter.

9)   Choose a gorgeous outfit you desperately want to fit into, and hang it somewhere prominent…I have a red dress I’m going to wear on Christmas Day hanging on my kitchen door.

10)   Move away from the fridge! Go upstairs and sit in front of the dressing table mirror and apply a full face of make up, trying something new….a new you should have a new look! Mess around with your hair, experimenting with a different way of doing it.

11)   Take pride in your appearance, and reward all your hard work….have your hair cut every 6 weeks to keep it looking good. Maybe consider having it coloured/high lighted. That can really ‘lift’ your whole face and take years off you.


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