Personal Training

Personal Training is all about helping ‘you’ lead the healthiest lifestyle possible and helping you get REAL results!

Chances are, you tried on your own and not succeeded, and you are wondering what you are doing wrong, am I right?

Well, basically you need a good balance between nutrition, exercise, stress free living, sleep, etc. Can you get all of that from single, 1 hour Personal Training sessions??? Sorry, the answer is NO.

That is why I have created my bespoke PERSONAL TRAINING MEMBERSHIP packages.

With these packages you are not paying for ordinary personal training sessions. You get cutting edge PT sessions with the latest ground breaking exercises, as well as unlimited email and phone access to me so you can capitalise on my health and fitness expertise. You can contact me whenever you like, you can call me from the supermarket to ask me nutrition

al label questions, and you can email me from work to ask about healthy lunch choices. I’ll also help you to track your diet, I will supply you with workouts when you are not training with me and I can even help improve your sleeping patterns and stress management. I can even give you a wake up call so you don’t miss your workout sessions. Each day I will oversee every aspect of each step to achieving your goals.

Before we start training you get a full consultation where we do a few assessments including circumference measurements, weight and blood pressure. Why do we have to do this? So that we have a starting point. We can set your goals and look back on these measurements to check your progress. We will also talk about nutrition and how we can adapt your diet and make some lifestyle changes to get the best results possible.

See you are not just paying for the ordinary, run of the mill Personal Training session, you get the full lifestyle package!

What are the prices?

Membership Period
Frequency of Sessions 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
3 sessions per week £420 £390 £360
2 sessions per week £280 £260 £240
1 session per week £140 £130 £120

So for example, if you choose to train 3 times per week over a 6 months membership, you pay £360 per month and you get all of the benefits I have explained above.



Personal Training

And, that’s not all…

I also offer a money back guarantee if you do not see great results! All that you need to do is follow my  blue print that has already helped over 50 people achieve life changing results! (just like my clients below)

That’s right, I am that confident that I can help get you the results you have longed for, that if I don’t I will give you DOUBLE your money back!

What is there to lose?

NOTHING! It’s either lead a healthy lifestyle or get your money back! It’s that simple!

These clients were once in your position, they took the first step and haven’t looked back since!

Wendy has lost over 100lbs (7 stones) and gone from a dress size 34 to 16 within 9 months!!

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