When Denise first contacted me and enquired about Personal Training she told me that she wanted to lose weight to fit into her wedding dress.

I arranged to meet her at her home for the initial assessment to take some measurements, a few of which can be seen below:


Weight 97.5kg (15st 4lbs)
Circumference Measurements – Waist 41 inches
Thigh (left) 24.5 inches
Thigh (right) 24.5 inches
Arm (left) 14 inches
Arm (right) 14.2 inches



Once we had the results we worked out some realistic targets and discussed her exercise and nutrition plan. Her main goals were:

  1. To drop 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks.
  2. Increase energy levels within the same time period.
  3. Lose over one stone in body weight.

She decided that she wanted one personal training session per week, but to achieve her targets I told Denise she needed to be working out at least 3-4 times per week. So I designed a workout programme for her to complete at home in between her personal training sessions. We set a date for 4 weeks time to do another assessment to check on the progress that we were to make. I could tell that she was raring to go and I was excited to see what excellent results we could achieve.

I met with Denise the following week at the riverside in Hebburn for a personal training session. It was a great place to train with open fields, banks, hills, steps, benches etc. The first personal training session was always going to be tough, but I knew Denise really wanted to see results quickly so I pushed her a little harder than I normally would.

I started the session with a warm up and went on to do Tabata Training, which is very tough for all fitness levels. We worked on mainly body weight compound exercises such as lunges, squats and push ups. The method behind Tabata Training is simple; you perform one exercise for 20 seconds then get 10 seconds rest. You repeat this sequence 8 times until you have worked for 4 minutes on the same exercise. Each set gets harder and harder and I could see Denise starting to tire on some of the exercises, but her never say die attitude pushed her through. We finished the workout with a cool down and some stretching. I warned Denise that she would ache and feel very stiff over the following few days and I gave her some advice on how she could prevent and treat those aches and pains.

I contacted Denise a few days after the session to see how she was feeling and I wasn’t surprised to hear that her legs, upper arms and across the front of her chest were aching. I gave her some advice over the phone on how to combat the aches and pains and how to prepare for the next session.

The aches and pains from the first session often stay in peoples mind and it makes them back off in terms of effort, but not Denise, she got stuck straight into the second session and I knew we were going to see results quickly.

Again, a few days after the session I contacted Denise to see how she was feeling and to ask how she was getting on with the exercise programme. She explained that she was a little stiff but not as bad as after the first session and that she was managing to push herself through the other 2-3 workouts per week. Excellent, things were going to plan.

The third time we met up, Denise told me that she had weighed herself at home and that she had already lost one stone! That’s after only 2 weeks (2 personal training sessions and 4 workouts at home along with her nutrition plan). She was over the moon with her progress and this spurred her on even more to keep working hard. It’s great to see people get results; it gives me a great satisfaction to know I am helping someone achieve a healthier lifestyle.

After the third week Denise had completed 3 challenging PT sessions including Tabata Training, Hill Training and Interval Training. Not only had she lost over one stone in weight but she also felt a lot more energetic and felt great.

Week 4 came quickly and it was time for the weigh in. Here are the results below, I don’t need to say much about them, they speak for themselves:

Weight 86.7kg (13st 9lbs) Lost 1st 5lbs
Circumference Measurements – Waist 39 inches Lost 2.0 inches
Thigh (left) 24 inches Lost 0.5 inches
Thigh (right) 24 inches Lost 0.5 inches
Arm (left) 13.5 inches Lost 0.5 inches
Arm (right) 13.6 inches Lost 0.6 inches
Total Lost 4.1 inches


The results on week 4 inspired Denise to keep working hard to achieve bigger targets. Over the next few weeks, each session got harder as she increased her fitness levels. Each session brought new challenges so her body would not become complacent and her results would not plateau.

Overall Denise had 12 PT sessions before her wedding and she managed to lose a brilliant 2 stones 4 pounds; more than her initial target. Oh and she managed to lose 7.8 inches in total and not only did she fit into her wedding dress, it felt a little loose! Well Done Denise!

Here are her final results:

Weight 82.5kg (13st) Lost 2st 4lbs
Circumference Measurements – Waist 38.5 inches Lost 2.5 inches
Thigh (left) 22.7 inches Lost 1.8 inches
Thigh (right) 22.7 inches Lost 1.8 inches
Arm (left) 13.3 inches Lost 0.7 inches
Arm (right) 13.3 inches Lost 0.9 inches
Total Lost 7.8 inches


Look at the difference…

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