Why Long Cardio Makes You Fat!!

Your consistent cardio efforts are not bringing the desired results. The fat still remains where it was when you had started out.  On the contrary the fat percentage has gone up.


Excessive cardio increases stress hormones and down regulates the growth hormone and testosterone, that preserves muscle. And these elevated stress hormones can make you insulin resistant, which eventually lead to overeating especially insulin resistance foods such as sugars and starches


When you are insulin resistant, you body does not hear the use insulin properly to bring blood sugar levels.  Also instead of the sugar going to the muscles to be used for energy, it goes into fat cells instead, which then makes the cells grow bigger and makes you fatter!!


To give you an example, observe closely the bodies of a distance runners/joggers and a sprinters. Many joggers and cyclists are not really lean. They may look slender because they have little muscle mass, but their body fat percentages are often surprisingly high. In contrast, sprinters, thanks to the high percentage of human growth hormone and testosterone level, they are lean and muscular with low body fat percentages.



So the moral of the story is stay away from long cardio machines such as the treadmill, stepper, cross trainer UNLESS you are going to do interval training, where you mix short, sprint segments, with rest and recovery sessions.  If you want to know more information about how to do this properly then please ask.

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